Episode 10

Episode 10: The Suburban Pulse Ft. Shelly Romero (Younger Ep. 110)

Published on: 9th June, 2021

Every week, Marisa and Kelsey question the choices that Kelsey (Peters) makes as an editor. This week, their guest is Shelly Romero, an Assistant Editor that works in children's publishing--and she is here to unpack the scandal that is The Scarf and confirm that Kelsey is, in fact, the worst at her job. Shelly shares her insights as an editor and shines some light on the acquisitions process, which no, is not as simple as, "make an offer." With the reveal that Kelsey lives with Lauren's rich parents, they also discuss privilege, generational wealth, and its role in the makeup of the publishing industry. Shelly also has some scorching hot Josh takes that, quite frankly, Marisa and Kelsey are still recovering from.

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