Episode 9

Episode 9: Rabid Hipsters (Younger Ep. 109)

Published on: 2nd June, 2021

Marisa and Kelsey learn that (gasp!) Josh doesn't read in Younger Episode 109: I'm With Stupid, where Liza is searching through the slush pile -- and for reasons to self-sabotage her relationship. Kelsey imagines a world where there are still physical slush-piles for editors to peruse, then asks why Liza is even doing this when she works in marketing? Marisa waxes poetic at the ethics surrounding bringing an unrepresented, unpublished manuscript to a suburban book club! And setting up a Goodreads page for it! As authors, Marisa and Kelsey both find this concerning to say the least. As people, they find Liza's elitist attitude toward Josh's lack of a traditional education also concerning.

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