Episode 8

Episode 8: Is He Watching? Ft. Jess Dallow (Younger Ep. 108)

Published on: 26th May, 2021

This week, Marisa and Kelsey are going to the PEN Awards, and are joined by the lovely Jess Dallow, a literary agent at Brower Literary & Management, who is here just in time for substantial Charles content (FINALLY!). Marisa is at a loss as to why Liza, a marketing assistant, is so involved in the publicity responsibilities of Empirical's PEN planning. Kelsey explores what a fun dynamic we could have had if Diana was Kelsey's boss... because WHO is Kelsey's boss? Jess shares her thoughts on the agent representation in Younger, a mini-dissertation on why we should all be Team Charles, and a fun story about her real life run-in with the man who plays Charles himself, Peter Hermann!

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